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Gigapixel Panoramas at Staithes

So here’s my first entry for the Cobra blog – which comes complete with a high resolution Gigapixel image of the cliff face at Boulby!  A chance to see the cliffs like you’ve never seen them before….. Zoom in and out of the image below to see the incredible amount of detail captured in this panorama – what else would you expect of 2.5Gb picture!


The Gigapan is a tripod head attachment which allows panoramic images to be easily captured and then stitched together to create high resolution gigapixel imagery (see <www.> for more information).  It only took about 15 minutes to take all the necessary 100 + pictures, though it took an hour to stitch all the photos and another hour to upload it online.

This high resolution imagery provides a wealth of information about rockfall failure processes by analysing the surface textures, roughness and weathering patterns of the cliff surface. This imagery forms part of my PhD dataset, which will be used to understand the temporal and spatial controls on rockfall occurrence and associated rockfall failure mechanics.

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